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Meet out professionals: Tiina Lappalainen

Getting rid of excessive worrying with the Anxiety Help

Worrying and some degree of anxiety is a very familiar phenomenon for all of us in our daily lives: we carefully prepare for future events or think in advance about how to cope with possible risk situations. However, over-anticipating the future can take up too much time and space in our thoughts, and the worry associated with negative predictions can become uncontrollable. Over time, it can also develop into a mental illness called generalized distress or generalized anxiety disorder.

The main features of the symptoms are excessive anxiety, independent of external circumstances, constant worrying, and various symptoms of tension in the body. Anxiety is often managed by avoiding situations or emotions that are anticipated to be unpleasant. However, avoidance narrows the scope of life and can lead to unhappiness, while anxiety increases and becomes stronger.

Happi service’s Anxiety Help teaches how to identify patterns of thinking and acting that perpetuate worry and how to replace them with new and more flexible ones. These new patterns free up time and energy for more enjoyable activities and planning. The key is to find coping mechanisms that work, which will increase confidence in the ability to manage worry.

Author Tiina Lappalainen

Tiina Lappalainen is a certified psychotherapist has long experience in treating clients with various anxiety, depression, and addiction problems. Tiina is interested in mindfulness-based methods that emphasize the mind-body connection, and she has developed the Anxiety Help and Relapse Help therapy programs. Both programs include tasks based on cognitive behavioral therapy and various mindfullness exercises.

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