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Frequently asked questions

The basic idea of Happi service is to provide easy and approachable mental health therapy for employees in a successful and an effective way.

If you do not find an answer to your question please contact us with the link provided below.

We already provide comprehensive occupational healthcare. Does this service overlap with it?

Depending on the specific country, occupational healthcare may be required by the law and big medical corporations usually make use of the law by providing different kinds of supplementary services. The quality, availability and cost, however, are usually not what is to be expected. Most of our customers already have comprehensive occupational healthcare services but they still buy mental health services from us for the reasons mentioned above.

There is no need to terminate any of the occupational healthcare services acquired before as they usually are paid by use. By providing Happi services as an alternative you will notice employee satisfaction to grow and overall expenditures to decrease.

I want to purchase your service for our company, how to proceed?

Contact us through this site and we will send you a contract draft (2 pages) and go through it with you via calling you, Teams or face-to-face. After that we will agree on how we will provide information to your employees after which the employees can start using Happi as they face challenges in their work or private life.

I'm an employee and would like to have your service at my workplace, how do I proceed?

Refer your employer to us and we will contact them for you! Alternatively you can download the Happi app and by starting a therapy program, choose your employer after which we will contact them and ask them for a one time healthcare voucher.

How do I monitor the results of the service?

The outcomes of the therapy programs are monitored closely and we will report the overall results of the initial and final surveys to the employer.

One of our service promises is privacy. We will only report on number of uses and the outcomes of the therapy programs when billing but the employees who have used the service will not be specified. We will make sure, however, that every employee has a right to use the service and if needed, confirm it with the employer afterwards.

Which languages do you have available?

Happi therapy programs are available in multiple languages: Finnish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, French, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Estonian and Russian.

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