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Meet our professionals: Kristiina Niskanen

Acknowledging the need for support and seeking help is already a big step on the road to recovery, because harmful addiction is associated with shame and denial, which sometimes makes it almost impossible to admit the need for help. Living truly free means living a life of your own, where you can make choices and understand that the actions you take, based on those choices, create the emotions you feel. When the harmful addiction no longer chooses for you, you have more opportunities to make decisions about your life, to plan your life and to live your plan.

Control over the addiction is often lost, first partially and eventually completely.

Author Kristiina Niskanen

Kristiina Niskanen is a psychotherapist specializing in addictions, and who approaches addictions as a holistic phenomenon. Holistic means understanding the impact of addictions physically, psychologically, and socially. Addiction also ultimately affects performance at work, makes relationships more difficult and prevents people from living up to their values. Kristiina has created the Addiction Help program and will guide you through videos and tools for addiction treatment towards a life free from addiction.

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