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Our mission

Our mission is to help companies make mental well-being a competitive advantage – not remain an unresolved health problem. We strive to be a significant part of the solution domestically as well as internationally.

Happi – what, who, why?

Our mission is achieved by improving the availability, accessibility and effectiveness of therapy. In our Happi product these characteristics are evident. Availability is guaranteed by an extensive therapist network enhancing the chance of finding just the right therapist. Accessibility is improved by providing low-threshold service: the mobile app is independent of time and place and pre-planned therapy programs offer easy access to find help. Effectiveness is accomplished by digitalization: better outcomes are achieved with lower costs when money and time are not wasted on printing exercises or on travel expenses.

Hundreds of professionals

Help without delay is ensured by hundreds of professionals.

Goal-oriented programs

Therapy programs are compact, goal-oriented, and always targeting change defined by the client with the help of their therapist.


The effectiveness of the service derives from personal therapy relationships enhancing the feedback received from the exercises.

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