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New Helps published

Happi service is based on goal-oriented therapy programs called Helps.

This article explains what the Helps are and how they have been selected to be part of the Happi service.

We conducted a comprehensive survey in workplaces to find out what challenges people of working age are currently facing. A surprising number of the issues were not directly related to work but have a significant impact on day-to-day working life.

For example, various addictions were highlighted in the survey, and it was noteworthy that much more was included than traditional substances and alcohol, which in Finland have been considered “national diseases”.

That’s why we asked top professionals for as many as two different Helps about addictions: one focused on treating addictions directly, i.e., getting rid of them, while the other Helps focused more on recovery and life after addiction.

In addition, at the request of our clients, we also created a customizable “Situation Help” designed to cover individual situations that are difficult to pinpoint to any single challenge. Situation Help was created because our service is based on a personal therapeutic relationship, rather than simply self-help material. Interaction between therapist and client is also the key in all of our therapy programs, but is even more important in Situation Help, where, for example, exercises are always tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Find out more about our new therapy programs on the Helps page, and if you have any suggestions for new therapy programs, please feel free to contact us!

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Happi service is based on goal-oriented therapy programs called Helps.…

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