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Therapy services as employment benefits for your employees?

Our therapy programs are based on short and personal video sessions to maximize benefits. The costs are almost 50% lower than  regular occupational healthcare costs.

Additionally, we have a large therapist network, goal-oriented therapy programs and carefully constructed support for use which all make our service safe to provide for even tens of thousands of your employees.

Mental health problems are not only the employees problems

Most employee underachievements are the result of other factors than only burdensome tasks or lack of motivation. Supporting an employee in challenges of working life as well as in private life improves concentration and clears thinking.

Therapy programs or 5-8 week Helps are designed to prevent prolonged sick leaves and improve mental well-being. We do not grant sick leaves – we prevent them.

How does it work?

Happi is an application with which employees start their therapy programs independently, as agreed. Therapy programs are always goal-oriented and effectiveness is frequently measured and reported. Happi service has a large therapist network and background processes guarantee thousands of employees quick access to the services.

  • Simple contract with agreed limits of use
  • High-quality HR materials are distributed as is or with modifications
  • 8 different therapy programs with weekly video sessions with a therapist
  • Employees can start a program independently, without a reference or permission
  • All communication via one app
  • Single therapy sessions can be included

The benefits our service provides

The problem with mental health services is that they are under-utilized because of the high threshold to seek help. Simultaneously it is known that the sooner employees receive mental health services the better outcomes of therapy are gained and the number of sick leave days is decreased and shortened in durations. Low threshold, quality of service and effectiveness are the main reason why Happi is often chosen as a mental health service to accompany occupational healthcare.


We do not give sick leaves – we prevent them. Focus on work improves, and thinking becomes clearer.

Requested by employees

As many as 10% of employees use Happi services even if limitless occupational healthcare is available. Happi is often preferred over occupational healthcare when it comes to preventive mental health services.

Value for money

Brief therapy programs based on teletherapy sessions maximize efficacy. Prices are even 50% lower than that of regular occupational healthcare.

Only half of the people with mental health concerns get the help they need. The role of employers is crucial in solving this.

Our promise

Over 95% of employees and employers recommend our service. If you are not satisfied with it, we will not charge you for the use.

Easy initial utilization

HR will get quality materials for the initial introduction of use after which the employees will be capable of independent use. The service is applicable within a week.

Low maintenance

We report the degree of utilization and effectiveness monthly. No need to sign in to any portals.

Simple pricing

Employer chooses which therapy programs are included in the contract and therefore can predict the cost. Invoicing and reporting once a month.

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Paper use

Minimum 10 therapy programs a year
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Monthly use

Includes employees’ unlimited rights to use the therapy programs
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Tailored solutions

We will tailor a model including for example a company-specific app, single therapy sessions and 24/7 chat
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