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Happi is a therapy service provided by your employer with no queuing

We have multiple therapy programs and hundreds of therapists available in the app. We will assist you in finding just the right therapist for you after which your therapy can begin.

From people to people.

The most important goal of ours is to supply mental health services – not only to those who need them but also to those who do not yet have an actual diagnosis or perceived symptoms.

Therapy programs or the so-called Helps are based on personal teletherapy sessions with a designated therapist. The programs combine pre-planned therapy models and personal therapy relationship.

Direct contact with a therapist

The Happi app works independently of time and place. As an employee, download the app and choose your desired Help. You will be assisted with finding a suitable therapist and can start using the program immediately.

  • Eight alternative Helps for different life situations
  • Weekly personal video sessions with your therapist
  • Additional weekly exercises, tasks and informational material
  • No medical records or references

Get to know the therapy programs

We call them Helps. They are 5-8 week programs in which a professional therapist supports you through chat and weekly video sessions. Additionally included are tasks and exercises and related informational video material.

  • Anxiety Help for anxiety and excessive worries
  • ADHD Help for living with ADHD symptoms
  • Depression Help
  • Relapse Help for relapsing behaviour
  • Addiction Help for different kinds of addictions
  • Stress Help with stress symptoms
  • Situation Help – specially designed Help for different life situations
  • Sleep Help for functional sleep problems

The idea in a nutshell

A therapy service that is paid for by the employer and used by the employee: easy to use, results are imminent while respecting the user’s privacy.

Easy to start

Happi works fully in a mobile app, with no references or queueing needed. Therapy progams can be started within minutes.


Helps are goal-oriented. Define your goals and work toward them together with your therapist during the 5-8 weeks.

Privacy respected

Sessions or survey results are not recorded anywhere and you can talk about yourself as much or as little as you want. Your information is not supplied to your employer.

"Finally, a therapy service built on customer's terms and not on complex occupational healthcare processes. Happi and its video model really works!"