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Meet our professionals: Emilia Leinonen

Help for eating disorders

When eating is disturbed, eating, and not eating take on an exaggerated role in the mind. Thinking about eating and one’s body can become contradictory, and eating can be associated with feelings that are difficult to understand or to be with. The relationship between food and body becomes symptomatic and changes in eating behavior occur. Symptomatizing becomes an involuntary coping mechanism in a situation where one’s own means of stabilizing oneself are not sufficient. Physical health may begin to suffer, and symptoms may have a profound impact on everyday life, in which case it is already a clear eating disorder.

In order to overcome an eating disorder, something new must be built to replace it. You must stop at what is happening inside you – perhaps with curiosity and gentleness, with patience. Deepening self-awareness opens up space for change, but it is also important to look at concrete food choices. With adequate energy and nutrient intake, the body and mind are given the opportunity to begin to recover. When nourished, you feel more stable and have more resources.

The Eating Disorder Help has been created to support the relief of eating disorder symptoms. It is suitable for people who are experiencing some symptoms related to their eating and wish to understand their eating behavior in more depth. It guides people to understand their eating disorder as a disease and to instill eating habits that support the well-being of their body and mind in their everyday lives, as well as making space for what is happening at the level of thoughts and feelings. The content is personalized for each individual through individual meetings.

Author Emilia Leinonen

Emilia Leinonen is a certified dietitian specializing in disordered eating and holds a master’s degree in Health Sciences. In addition to disordered eating, Emilia’s core areas of expertise include soothing the sensitive stomach, nutrition for mental wellbeing and sleep. Emilia approaches eating disorders as a topic in a multidimensional and humanity-first way. She is interested in the psychology of eating and methods based on acceptance and commitment therapy and psychophysical psychotherapy, among others. Emilia has developed the Eating Disorder Help, and access to her practice is available through the Happi service.

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