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Mental healthcare as an employment benefit

Employer-provided therapy programs for the employee include personal video sessions (5-8 weeks), a large therapist network, and immediate help.

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Goal-oriented mental health services of which quality and accessibility are guaranteed by a large network of mental health professionals.


No medical records, no references – but help immediately. Employer-supported therapy programs are free of charge to you.

Happi enhances occupational healthcare.

Over one-quarter of employees are not getting help for mental health problems. The biggest reason for this is the feeling of shame associated with it and, therefore, the high threshold to seek help. Happi is designed to tackle these problems.

Addiction Help
8 weeks
5 weeks
Anxiety Help
5 weeks
Depression Help
5 weeks
Relapse Help
8 weeks
Situation Help
5 weeks
Sleep Help
5 weeks
Stress Help
5 weeks
Eating Disorder Help
5 weeks
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Goal-oriented and effective programs

5-8 week therapy programs or Helps are designed and produced by professionals. Video sessions enable a personable therapy experience, unlike standardized self-help therapies.

  • Free evaluation and initial surveys
  • Eight different Helps for different life situations
  • Assisted therapist selection process
  • Weekly one-on-one video sessions with your therapist
  • Easy exercises to work towards your goals

Mental health treatment pays itself back

Investing in mental health is not expensive, and it pays off. From the employees’ perspective support for mental health provided by the employer is highly meaningful.

Below you’ll find reasons why Happi has earned its place side by side with occupational healthcare.

Happi service
Occupational healthcare


  • Large therapist network
  • Assisted therapist selection process
  • Immediate first contact


  • No references
  • No medical records
  • Even fully anonymized

Value for money

  • Even 50% more affordable than regular occupational healthcare
  • In relation to costs, the most valued fringe benefit
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Limited range of professionals
  • Limited availability appointment-wise
  • Complex reference processes


  • Reference from a doctor or permission from a superior required
  • Sessions are recorded in medical records
  • Employee distrust of private data handling

Value for money

  • Session prices are 160 euros/h
  • No satisfaction or efficacy guarantees
  • Doctor reference and certificate compensations

With people, via the app

We believe in professional and personal help that is relevant to the clients’ situation. At the core of the service are 5-8 video sessions with a therapist helping to maximize the benefits of informational material and exercises. We have hundreds of therapists with different expertise.


Help available in 10+ languages

Happi offers quality therapy programs in multiple languages. Certified therapists speak over ten languages.

Five-star service

The user is personally assisted from the beginning to the end. The therapy assistant suggests a suitable therapist for the client and the therapist makes an agreement with the client on an appointment after which the selected therapy program continues with the chosen therapist.

Customer satisfaction is our first priority, and we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee for every Help.

“After a variety of different self-helps I started to feel I needed to talk to a real person. Videosessions and exercises were the best used hours in a long time! Five stars!"

Juhani, 39 years

“It was an amazing opportunity to contact a real professional through the app whenever I felt like it without asking for permission or feeling bad about it."

Maria, 25 years

“During the five weeks, I got some totally new perspectives on life, and it was nice to notice how what I had learned started to show at work and at home. Thank you to my amazing therapist!”

Saara, 48 years

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