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Alcohol and seeking help

Harmful use of alcohol is a tricky issue in health care. In a survey conducted by EHYT, up to a third of healthcare professionals raised the issue of alcohol use with patients at most occasionally. The results of the survey show that it is still perceived to be difficult to raise alcohol use in healthcare, even in situations where clear signs of harmful use of alcohol are visible.

Happi service aims to lower the threshold for alcohol-related concerns by offering as many as two different treatment programs, or Helps, directly related to substance abuse and addiction. By choosing a substance misuse treatment program, the starting point for the treatment program is quickly clarified, as the user does not have to go round the problem, which can be more embarrassing with a routine medical check-up or visit.

Lack of time is also cited as a barrier to addressing alcohol misuse problems, although it is also noted that shorter alcohol counselling sessions have been shown to be effective. Happi therapy programs consists of 5 and 8 weeks long, always with a goal-oriented approach to change.

If you feel that alcohol or drugs are an existing or threatening problem for you, please feel free to contact us. We offer treatment programs for individuals on a self-pay basis and, of course, through employers for use by employees.

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