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Join us in taking care of workplace well-being in a modern way.

We are constantly looking for new professionals (psychologists, psychotherapists, brief therapists, psychiatrists) for the Happi service because a more comprehensive selection of experts in different areas is something that improves service quality.

Joining the service as a therapist is currently only possible as a practitioner. Joining does not bind you to anything and we agree with each one separately which Helps you want to be producing and how many customers you want to take on.

In order to access the service, we require completing a preliminary information form and then a short phone interview. We pay according to a fair income model.

When you join as a therapy provider, you also get access to the Happi Academy, which contains six courses made by mental health professionals on different topics.

Get started by downloading the app! You can find the instructions below.

1. Download the Happi app

2. Join the service as a therapist.

3. You will receive an email after registration. Click on the link to fill out the therapist profile.

4. When the Happi team has confirmed your profile, go to the Help training of your choice and accept the practitioner contract.

5. After this, you can start accepting clients according to the skills profile without commitment

For our partners

We are also looking for partners who want to make either new Helps or therapy programs. From our partners, we require either ready material that can be reframed to fit the Happi concept or, alternatively, strong knowledge of a certain topic.

In addition, we are looking for marketing collaborations to spread the good news of occupational therapy as widely as possible. If you are active on social media, have your own popular blog or would like to start collaborating with us, get in touch using the form below. We will respond within a day.

Open positions

Below you can find the open positions for people other than mental health professionals. Feel free to apply; we are looking for experienced professionals as well as young, eager-to-learn  stars of the future!

Open application

Do you feel that Happi is just the right workplace for you, but you are not sure which position in a growth company would suit you? Contact us and let’s talk!

B2B Sales manager

We are looking for a B2B Sales manager. If you have at least
– 2 years of experience in B2B sales
– Energetic attitude and high ambition for successful work
– Fearless attitude to offer a new service to new customers

get in touch. Happi is a place where you can develop as a top salesperson and you are guaranteed not to miss out on sparring help.

Send your CV, and we will arrange a meeting already this week!

Got interested? Join us!

Frequently asked questions

What kind of background do you need to start producing Happi services?

Happi services can be provided by professionals approved by Valvira (National Supervisory Authority for Welfare and Health), such as psychiatric nurses and social workers, who can be psychotherapist students.

Can Happi services be offered by individual, couple and family therapists?

All professionals authorized by Valvira.

Do we make visit registrations?

Visits are not recorded. Written documentation is created in chats, which are stored until the customer ends the Help. This also saves time for the therapist.

Does the therapist only use a phone?

Yes, chat and video reception all work through the Happi application.

Can you offer more than one Help?


Where is an appointment held?

The appointment can be accessed from the Happi application, which redirects the user to a web browser. You will get an email link about the appointment.