Traffic light technique

In this task:

  • First, choose the impulsive actions that you recognize in yourself.
  • Practice the traffic light technique to reduce impulsivity.
  • Each colour of the traffic light means stopping, thinking or doing an action.
  • Press each light to see what they mean.

Choose each trait that describes you

slipping confidential matters
situational humour
joking around
getting angry explosively quick
talking a lot
a disorganized way of thinking
suddenly changing the subject
making impulse purchases
spending money recklessly
risk-taking in financial matters

Choose each trait that describes you

reckless behaviour in traffic
open-minded experimentation of new things
jumping quickly into new relationships
sexual open-mindedness
accumulation of work tasks
negligent errors
general lack of planning skills
making big decisions quickly

The colors of the traffic light mean stopping the action, thinking or doing. Press each light to see what they mean:

Imagine a red ball in front of you and ask yourself: What are you doing?
Then switch to yellow and think of other solutions.
Switch to green, choose the best solution option and do it!

Next, your task is to practice the traffic light technique in daily life.

For example, if you chose that you often make impulse purchases, the next time you are about to make a purchase, first imagine a red traffic light in your mind and STOP, "now I will stop my action".

Then switch to yellow light and THINK: Do you really need this item, do you already have something similar at home or could you do without it?

Finally, switch to green, and make the decision not to DO it because you already have it at home.

Discuss the situations with your therapist.


In which situation did you try this technique and how did it go?


All done.

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