Pomodoro technique

1. First, choose which task you are going to focus on for the next 25 minutes, one Pomodoro. Use the timer on the next page to help you. Block out all distractions and start working.

2. After the 25-minute period is over, take a five-minute break. The timer tells you when it’s time to take a break by turning green and beeping. Get a coffee, get up or listen to music, but let your brain rest. You can change the task or continue the same, but don’t multitask!

3. After you’ve worked for four Pomodoros, it’s time to take a longer break of 30 minutes. For example, go for a short walk to get some fresh air or have lunch.


Practice now using the Pomodoro technique (video duration 25+5+25+5min)

All ready.

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