Initial assessment: Situation Questionnaire

Welcome to the initial assessment!

  • This assessment includes 10 questions
  • Keep in mind the last two weeks of your life when answering

1. How satisfied are your in your life at the moment (scale 1-5)?

2. How content are you in your ability to manage your daily tasks at the moment (scale 1-5)?

3. How content are you about yourseld during the last two weeks (scale 1-5)?

4. How satisfied have you been in your relationships during the past two weeks (scale 1-5)?

5. Have you felt anxiety during the past two weeks (scale 1-5)?

6. Do you have trouble with your mood (scale 1-5)?

7. Describe your situation at the moment:


8. Why do you seek help?


9. Have you had therapy before?

10. What concrete thing you want to be different after this Help?


Kaikki valmista.

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