I have a right

Read the following ’I have a right’ statements and then choose one or more that are particularly relevant to you. You can also come up with a sentence yourself.

I have a right…

  • to respect my needs and wishes
  • to stop talking to people who make me feel humiliated
  • to make mistakes and take responsibility for them, and I don’t have to be perfect
  • to all my feelings
  • to feel good enough
  • to feel guilt and shame and then let them go
  • to be happy
  • to be myself
  • to be competent and proud of my achievements
  • to be treated as a capable person
  • to balanced relationships
  • trust people who deserve it
  • to forgive myself and others
  • to give and receive love

Write here which sentence you chose or came up with:

You can also add a picture that describes your emotional state:

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Why were these sentences and/or image important to you?


All ready.

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