Final assessment: Stress Symptoms

There are 10 questions in this final assessment. Compare your results to the initial assessment you took.


1. Do you feel like the important things in your life are in your control?

2. Do you recognize the things that strain you?

3. How often are you so stressed that you can feel it physically? For example headache, sleep problems, lump in throat or heart palpitations? (Scale 1-3)

4. Do you feel like you are good enough and you suffice? (Scale 1-3)

5. When you encounter trouble or life brings you surprises, how do you react? (Scale 1-3)

6. Have you noticed your concentration or memory lagging? (Scale 1-3)

7. Do you feel like you recover enough during your free time and on the weekends? (Scale 1-3)

8. How beneficial did you find this therapy program?

9. Would you recommend Happi therapy programs for others as well?

10. Other feedback?


All done.

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