Addiction scale: Starting point

In this task,

  1. You will define your starting point on a scale of 1 to 10.
  2. If you feel like your goal towards addiction free life is at 2 at the moment ask yourself: ”Why am I already at 2?” and ”What have I done that I’m not at 1?”
  3. During using the scale, you will also think about your lowest point
  4. Write down all the small things that you are going to do within 24 hours that help you towards reaching your goal and one bigger step that you are going to take this week
  5. When you have defined your starting point, you will be using this scale every week and further define your steps towards life free of addiction

First define your starting point: where are you now? Move the slider to a point which marks the spot you are not willing to go lower of.


Have you ever been at zero? What was your most difficult situation like?


Which goal are you reaching for during this Help? For example, if you chose your starting point to be at 2, what is the number you are working towards?


How do I reach my goal, what is the smallest next step I will do?

Within 24 hours?

Within a week?


Write down one bigger step that you are going to do this week. This first week's step can, for example, simply be the decision to abstain from your addictive behaviour.


All done.

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